Welcome to the Loose Chippings website!

Loose Chippings was a comic strip created

by Davy Francis for the Belfast-produced

comic, 'Ximoc'.These strips were created 

around 1982.Ximoc ran for nine issues,

and also saw strips by Davy such as 'The

Crazy Crew of the Saucy Sue' and 'Ciderman',

which we hope to have available for free

download very soon. Loose Chippings was based

 on an original remark by Bill O'Lunney  on a trip

to Wexford, as we passed a sign that said 'Loose Chippings',

 and a legend, or (leg end )was born.Loose Chippings is

a small town inhabited by a gang of lovable lunatics

and ruled over by the dastardly Lord O'Chippings.

The town of Loose Chippings was founded by a Roman

soldier, Lucius Chippius, who got lost whilst invading Ireland.

There were three Loose Chippings adventures,

'Loose Chippings and the Lost Maiden',

 Loose Chippings and the Journey to the Middle of the 

World', and 'Loose Chippings and the Lord of the Pies'.

They aren't meant to be taken seriously, just enjoy them 

for the surreal madness they are.

                                            -Davy Francis 

P.S.Ciderfans!Don't forget to visit our Ciderman site 

at http://www.ciderman.yolasite.com for free Ciderman

comics, wallpaper and Ciderman cider-screensaver!

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